• Question: Is emedhouse a pharmacy?
    Answer:    No, is an online medium which helps you to get access to different pharmacies all over the city.
  • Question: How is emedhouse helpful to me?
    Answer:    You need to just place order at and we will take care of the rest. You do not have to hop from one shop to shop to fulfil your order.
  • Question: What is the guarantee that I will get my medicines at
    Answer: has partnered with well-known pharmacies all over the city, hence we have better chance to deliver what you need.
  • Question: I could not find my medicine on your website - Is it Unavailable?
    Answer:    No. You can always type the medicine name and place the order.
  • Question: Can I enquire before buying medicines?
    Answer:    Yes.
  • Question: Do I need a prescription for placing order?
    Answer:    Not for OTC products, but yes for those medicines which require prescription as per Drugs Law.
  • Question: How does my prescription get validated?
    Answer:    It is same as you go to the shop offline. Just instead of showing hardcopy, you are showing a scanned copy of same prescription to the pharmacy.
  • Question: I could not place order on website - What should I do then?
    Answer:    Don't worry. Email us at or call us directly to place your order.
  • Question: Do you have a mobile app?
    Answer:    We are working on mobile app, it is still under development.